St Michael’s Church, Mumbai

Published date: 22/03/2024
  • Location: Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Built between 1512 and 1585 as per various accounts, St Michal’s Church is the oldest Christian house of worship in the city. It suffered some damage during the invasions of 1687 under Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, but was soon renovated. The modern building was constructed in 1973 after its porch collapsed in 1960s. It may just be a simple white and red building, devoid of ornamentation, but what this famous church in Mumbai lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in the peace you’d feel inside. This is the very church where people saw a picture of Christ bleeding from the heart in as recently as 2008! No wonder, it appears at the top of a comprehensive list of churches in Mumbai.

Location: Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim, Mumbai

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