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  • Groote Kerk, Galle
    Groote Kerk, Galle
    Sri Lanka Galle (Southern) 30/01/2024
    Within the Galle Fort is one of the oldest Protestant Churches in Sri Lanka. Groote Kerk was constructed in 1755 at the highest point inside the Galle Fort which stands 12 meters above sea-level by the Dutch in forms of impressive Roman and Greek arc...
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral, Galle
    St. Mary’s Cathedral, Galle
    Sri Lanka Galle (Southern) 29/01/2024
    Considered to be among one of the most beautiful landmarks in Galle owing to its remarkable architecture, St. Mary's Cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century by the Society of Jesus in dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mass Timings: Mo...
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