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    India Tuni (Andhra Pradesh) 03/06/2024
  • Brother Deshpande Memorial Church, Pune
    Brother Deshpande Memorial Church, Pune
    India Pune (Maharashtra) 29/03/2024
    It might sound like a very unusual name for a church, but Brother Deshpande Memorial Church has a fascinating history that draws the attention of believers and tourists alike. To begin with, this church is dedicated to the memory of Ramchandra Pralha...
  • Patrick’s Cathedral, Pune
    Patrick’s Cathedral, Pune
    India Pune (Maharashtra) 29/03/2024
    One of the most celebrated Roman Catholic churches in Pune, St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been adorning the landscape of the city and attracting visitors for more than 160 years. The origins of this place of worship date back to the mid-19 century; it ...
  • All Saints’ Church, Pune
    All Saints’ Church, Pune
    India Pune (Maharashtra) 29/03/2024
    When it comes to thetourist places to visit in Pune, you can’t possibly give a miss to the All Saint’s Church, a beautiful stone structure that traces its origins back to the 19 century. This serene house of worship stands surrounded by tall trees an...
  • Xavier’s Church, Pune
    Xavier’s Church, Pune
    India Pune (Maharashtra) 29/03/2024
    With a history of more than 150 years, St. Xavier’s Church stands as one of the must-visit historical places in Pune. Among the Catholic churches in Pune, it is the first one to be run by Jesuit priests. Once you walk in through the lovely gates of t...
  • Mary’s Church, Pune
    Mary’s Church, Pune
    India Pune (Maharashtra) 29/03/2024
    A magnificent shrine from the British era, St. Mary’s Church is located in the Cantonment-Camp area of the city. It was built in the early 1820s by Lieutenant Nash, an engineer of the East India Company, and consecrated in 1825. St. Mary’s is not jus...
  • Mount Mary Basilica, Mumbai
    Mount Mary Basilica, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Officially named, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Mount Mary Basilica is perhaps the most colonial-looking among the top churches in Mumbai. Its Neo-Gothic style closely mirrors the architecture of several historical places in Mumbai like Chhattra...
  • St Michael’s Church, Mumbai
    St Michael’s Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Built between 1512 and 1585 as per various accounts, St Michal’s Church is the oldest Christian house of worship in the city. It suffered some damage during the invasions of 1687 under Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, but was soon renovated. The modern bui...
  • St Peter’s Church, Mumbai
    St Peter’s Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Though dating back to just the 19th century, its architecture is reminiscent of an artistic movement prevalent much earlier, the Romanesque style, something you’d find in a place like Pisa. A statue of Christ the Redeemer in the front welcomes you to...
  • Cathedral of the Holy Name, Mumbai
    Cathedral of the Holy Name, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Opened in 1905, this is, if you ask me, the most stunning church in Mumbai. It is yet another Gothic building with pointed arches, flying buttresses, and conical-topped towers that look more like a castle built in Medieval Europe. But, step inside an...
  • Gloria Church, Mumbai
    Gloria Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Also called Our Lady of Glory Church, Gloria Church was initially constructed by the Franciscans, who had come from Portugal, in a style reminiscent of their land. But, this church in Mumbai was later rebuilt as the Victorian Gothic building you see ...
  • St Andrew’s Church, Mumbai
    St Andrew’s Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Another among the 16th century churches in Mumbai, this one was built by the Portuguese. Walking down a chequered courtyard, you find yourself in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Just beyond it is a building which looks rather simple, with plast...
  • St Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai
    St Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    First built in 1718, this is one of the largest churches in Mumbai. It might not look much from outside, but its altar surely is an emanation of the grandeur Gothic architecture is known for. Its stained-glass windows, brick red floor tiles with geom...
  • Afghan Church, Mumbai
    Afghan Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    Afghan Church? “Huh?”, you might exclaim, and you are justified, for how would a church be part of Afghan history? Well, don’t be any more as ‘Afghan’ is just a reference to the fact that it was built to commemorate the sacrifice of those who died du...
  • St John the Baptist Church, Mumbai
    St John the Baptist Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    If you want to just sit in a church and peace out, St John the Baptist Church is perfect for you. But, it has a catch. Built by Portuguese Jesuits in 1579 and abandoned after a plague in 1840, it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Mumbai...
  • St Anne’s Church, Mumbai
    St Anne’s Church, Mumbai
    India Mumbai (Maharashtra) 22/03/2024
    While most churches in Mumbai have European ties, this one is Asian in its origin. It was originally constructed by an Armenian woman in 1787 as a small chapel, on the foundations of which a proper church was erected in 1881. The church is simple in ...
  • Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church
    Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church
    India Goa Velha (Goa) 16/03/2024
    Located on the banks of Mandovi river, Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church is one of the most beautiful of churches. The church is bestowed not only with scenic beauty but also has beautifully embellished interiors reflecting the creativity of those t...
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi
    Church of St. Francis of Assisi
    India Goa Velha (Goa) 16/03/2024
    The St Francis Church Goa was established by the Franciscan Friars, and is a stunning mash-up of Tuscan, baroque and Corinthian styles, making it different from other churches in the town. Besides housing a convent, the most distinguishing feature of...
  • St. John the Baptist Church
    St. John the Baptist Church
    India Benaulim (Goa) 16/03/2024
    The St. John the Baptist Church, is one of the most famous church in Goa. Situated on top of the hill, it has the most elegant of altars and galleries inducing people to visit this white-washed church. Location: Benaulim, Goa Year of establishment: 1...
  • St. Elizabeth’s Church
    St. Elizabeth’s Church
    India Aldona (Goa) 16/03/2024
    With Christ’s statue featuring at the top of the church, St. Elizabeth’s Church is one of the Old Goa church built in the elegant Mannerist style and including rococo features. Although once destroyed in a heavy storm, St. Elizabeth’s Church is one o...