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  • Peyton Sahi Church
    Peyton Sahi Church
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    At around 25 km away from Bhubaneswar city, there is a small yet amazing church that is known for its beauty and charm. This is the Peyton Sahi Church, which is one of the smallest churches in the region yet the drive to the church is quite a worth o...
  • Grace Awakening Church
    Grace Awakening Church
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    The Grace Awakening Church can be listed among the best churches in Bhubaneswar that would leave you captivated. This church is famous among the locals and also tourists. If you need to attend prayers and other religious or community services that ar...
  • Jesus Calls Prayer Tower
    Jesus Calls Prayer Tower
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    This is yet another small yet beautiful church in Bhubaneswar that would give you a homely and peaceful feeling when you are in. Locals and tourists get attracted to the calm prayer services of the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower church. If you want to unwi...
  • The Union Church
    The Union Church
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    Though The Union Church is a small one, it is one of the most beautiful churches in Bhubaneswar. The beautiful church garden attracts more people to the church. This church is located in Sachivalaya in Kharavela Nagar in the state capital of Odisha. ...
  • Florida Church
    Florida Church
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    Are you in search of a beautiful Baptist church in Bhubaneswar? If yes, then we must give you the name of Florida Church located in Niladri Vihar. This church was established in the 1990s and since then it has gained a lot of fame because of its soci...
  • Church On Mount Zion
    Church On Mount Zion
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    Church On Mount Zion in Bhubaneswar will leave you captivated. If you are in Bhubaneswar then you should plan to visit this church at least once. Many people of different religions come to this church and explore more about the Bible study, and take ...
  • Church Of Christ
    Church Of Christ
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    One more popular and fine church in Bhubaneswar is the Church of Christ, which is a famous community church that is amazingly beautiful and leaves everyone in awe. This church is popularly known for Sunday prayers in English and also the local langua...
  • Victory Churches Of India
    Victory Churches Of India
    India Bhubaneshwar (Odisha) 02/02/2024
    Victory Churches of India is one of the best churches in Bhubaneswar. It is quite attractive and a worth-visiting church in the capital city of Odisha. It was established as a part of a national movement by several church communities for promoting so...
  • Dunamis International Gospel Centre- Nigeria
    Dunamis International Gospel Centre- Nigeria
    Nigeria Aba (Abia) 30/01/2024
    Popularly known as Glory Dome, the auditorium has a 100, 000 capacity. It is situated in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • St Dunstan In The West
    St Dunstan In The West
    United Kingdom London (England) 30/01/2024
    This church is an epitome of London’s gothic revival architecture. It is like more of a hidden gem located in the heart of the city. It was too amongst the many landmarks that was severely damaged during the blitz, but it was brought back to the life...
  • Temple Church
    Temple Church
    United Kingdom London (England) 30/01/2024
    This church is said to be one of the oldest church in England. It has seen many historical changes. The church has some renowned fathers who are very well known in entire England. The ambience of the church is very nice. There are nice sitting areas ...
  • St Dunstan And All Saints
    St Dunstan And All Saints
    United Kingdom London (England) 30/01/2024
    The building of the church itself is very charming and peaceful. Apart from this, the fathers of the church are very good. They are caring and lovely. The church was found in 11th century. Since then it is well known throughout the city. The Sunday s...
  • St Mary Le Bow
    St Mary Le Bow
    United Kingdom London (England) 30/01/2024
    This church is famous among people through generations. The sound of the church is heard from a long distance. This draws the attention of numerous people. The church is well maintained and is a beautiful place. There are extensive programs that are ...
  • Holy Trinity
    Holy Trinity
    United Kingdom Loddon (England) 30/01/2024
    Located in Sloane Street the church is somehow different from the rest of the churches. The church has beautiful arts and crafts. The east window is designed by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. It is mostly visited by people due to its great ar...
  • St Martin In The Fields
    St Martin In The Fields
    United Kingdom Talgarth (Wales) 30/01/2024
    The building of the church is very big and there is a huge area of the church. Further, if the visitor wishes then they can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the church premises. There is a cafeteria in the church. Even children can play and enjoy ins...
  • Southwark Cathedral
    Southwark Cathedral
    United Kingdom London (England) 30/01/2024
    This church is considered to be one of the biggest churches in the city. It is neighboured by the famous Borough Market and is an ideal place to make a visit at. One can even visit it during the daytime. There is no entry fee to enter the church and ...
  • Groote Kerk, Galle
    Groote Kerk, Galle
    Sri Lanka Galle (Southern) 30/01/2024
    Within the Galle Fort is one of the oldest Protestant Churches in Sri Lanka. Groote Kerk was constructed in 1755 at the highest point inside the Galle Fort which stands 12 meters above sea-level by the Dutch in forms of impressive Roman and Greek arc...
  • Our Lady Shrine of Madhu
    Our Lady Shrine of Madhu
    Sri Lanka Manthai West Division (Northern Province) 30/01/2024
    Home to over 400 years of history enclosed in beautiful European Revival Baroque architecture, Our Lady Shrine of Madhu in Mannar is a pilgrimage centre for Sri Lankan Catholics. Considered to be the holiest Catholic shrine in the whole of Sri Lanka,...
  • St. Luke’s Church
    St. Luke’s Church
    Sri Lanka Colombo (Western) 29/01/2024
    Sinhalese architecture has never been celebrated as much as within the design of St. Luke's Church in Borella of Colombo. The church which was consecrated in 1941, also plays an essential part in the history of the Church Missionary Society and is on...
  • Wolvendaal Church
    Wolvendaal Church
    Sri Lanka Colombo (Western) 29/01/2024
    Located in the town of Pettah in Colombo, Wolvendaal Church is one of the more significant remnants of the Dutch Colonial era and is one of the oldest Protestant churches in Sri Lanka that is still in use. Constructed in 1757, according to Roman and ...